Ikarus C42 Rentals

Yes - there are cheaper options than renting a Cessna from the local flight club. And better options than buying an old fixer-upper just so you can go flying. If you can't get enough time in the air but aren't quite ready to buy a plane of your own - then take our beautiful C42 plane out for a flight. Whether you want to practice your skills doing touch and go's at the local airport or head off over the horizon to visit friends, we can accommodate you! Give us a Call!

Pilots must meet the following requirements:
An Ikarus C42 LSA being checked out
- must have a current pilot license with a minimum 50hrs experience or be taking lessons with one of our instructors
- must have completed a 30min check ride with one of our instructors within the last 6 months
- must return the aircraft to the company hangar at the end of the rental
- must cover the costs of any landing fees or additional fuel (min 91 octane MOGAS) during the rental
- must book aircraft 2 days in advance (last minute requests may be available)
- must pay 1hr rental fee for "no shows" after previously reserving a rental time slot


$100/hr (hobbs/engine time) + $50/day
(Rental rates include a full tank of fuel at initial departure. Weekend rates slightly higher)