If buying your own plane is too expensive or too time consuming to manage, but you know you still want to fly 40-50 hours per year and even go places for the weekend and therefore renting an old Cessna from the local flight club doesn't make sense, check out the option of "owning" a plane between a group of like minded pilots?

Under a leasing program managed by Sport Plane Inc (based here in Ontario), you can have an airplane available virtually any time you want while having the headache of ownership managed by some else!

Typical Leasing program as follows:

Members per plane: 4
Initial Deposit: $2500/member
Monthly Fee: $400/member
Hourly Usage Rate: $50/hr

This great arrangement provides the following benefits:
- You get to fly a brand new, state of the art, Ikarus C42 with the latest Glass Panel as well as familiar steam gauge avionics

- The plane is stored in a fully enclosed hangar and kept at a local, full-service airport

- Hourly rates include all required gas (filled at the Home Base airport or reimbursed receipts elsewhere)

- All maintenance is taken care of on a regular basis including washing, oil changes, and necessary engine maintenance

- Full airplane insurance is covered

- An easy to use on-line scheduling program is setup and available to ensure each member gets a fair share of use

- 2 hours of Transition training on this exciting ultralight airplane is provided


If you are still interested in the complete freedom that full ownership provides, but can't afford to cover all the costs yourself, than owning a new plane via a partnership with other pilots may be the best compromise for you.

We have other interested "want to be" owners that could very well be the flying buddy (or buddies) you have been looking for. Drop us a line and let us know you are interested in this option and we will start the introductions.

Then we will help you and your partner(s) pick out the most appropriate options, design a panel to meet your tastes, and get you on your way to soaring with the eagles!