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UPAC 2016 Convention and Flying with Friends

(Aug  19-21/2016)

Once again the annual UPAC (Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada) was the place to be to see lots of small planes and people passionate about flying!

Of course we were there with C-IKRS but what made it even better was getting to hang out with our good buddy Zach Elliott (and friends) from Kingston ( and fly with him. We flew up to meet him crossing the Waterloo control zone and welcomed him to the area. It was definitely a great weekend of flying and showing the plane to many, many interested aviators (or want to be aviators!)

C-IKRS and our new "Wingman"

(June 19-20/2016)

This past weekend we hung-out in St. Thomas, Ontario at the Great Lakes International Airshow. Lots of people dropped by to check out the coolest plane there (many said so!). There were a few other small planes but the Ikarus had the most features, the most capabilities, the most fuel efficient and all for the most cost-effective price.

Check out our new "Wingman"!

C-IKRS and a Wingman

RAA Cover Story

(Mar-Apr 2016)

The President of the Canadian Recreational Aircraft Association came out to see our Ikarus aircraft and take a flight - to say he was impressed is an understatement! He put us on the cover and wrote a great article about the plane - which is easy with the Ikarus!

If you are interested in an Ikarus and want to see what somebody who has had an opportunity to fly, build and examine many, many different types of small planes thinks - check out the article in this month's issue:

C-IKRS in its "GLORY"

(Nov 29th/2015)

Taking pictures from the sky is always cool - but rare it is when the opportunity comes along to take a picture of yourself in the sky! - Here is the ultimate "cool" shot of Ikarus above the clouds. 

...and believe it or not, scientists and experts still can't agree on what causes this phenomenon called a "Glory".

C-IKRS in all it's GLORY

Goderich "Un-Official" Fly-In

(Nov 8th/2015)

This morning we decided to go for an early morning flight to the "Flippin' Eggs" restaurant in Goderich. The best thing about this restaurant is the fact that it sits right at the end of the Goderich Airport runway! 

From 10 miles away we started hearing that there were a "few" planes in the circuit - much to our surprise, it turned out that there were 5-6 planes that had arrived just before us. However, that few soon turned in to 10 and very soon a few more. It turned out, that, coincidentally, many individuals and groups from all over Southern Ontario had decided to visit Goderich for breakfast - an "Un-Official Flyin". In the picture below, if you look really closely you can count 14 planes! Of course, good ol' C-IKRS is parked right up front as the "star" of this gaggle of early morning flyers. It is one of the very few Ultralights in the group but fits into the crowd wherever we go. I am sure the fact that we probably burned the least gas per hour of any of the planes there and are definitely the best looking of the group (at least WE think so) probably made the other owners a little jealous...  :)

When we finally did leave, it was even more crazy! As the majority of the planes were taking off, there were 5-6 more calling in from within 3-4 miles! (By the way - we took off last in a group of 5 and easily out climbed everybody in front - including 2 STOL Zenith 701's directly ahead of us!)

Once again - another great adventure in the Ikarus!

Sunday Morning Parking Lot

Collingwood and Wasaga Beach

(Sept 5th/2015)

Another weekend...another Ikarus Adventure!

This past Saturday saw C-IKRS flying up and over the Blue Mountain ski hills to drop into Collingwood and meet Dr. Norman Kew and his family. Dr. Kew is a long time pilot who has flown around and across Canada and previously owned a Mooney

Although he has been out of flying for a few years he got behind the controls of the Ikarus and with very little instruction was taking off and landing like he had been flying this plane for years! Like everybody, he was impressed with its easy handling and its excess room even with the doors closed. Although he has flown lots of larger, faster, certified planes in the past, he definitely agreed that the Ikarus and it's ultralight Class 4 medical requirements, its simplicity of owner maintenance and its big plane feel makes it a winner.

Dr. Kew checking out the seatbelts just before taking off for a flight

Dr. Kew's daughter Shekinah 
implying she is ready to become a pilot!

Of course a trip to Collingwood is too good to pass up for my wife with its close proximity to the world's longest freshwater beach. She came along for this trip and we took a flight over the famous Wasaga beach. After the demo flight we went for some sun and sand in person and enjoyed the day. No better way to get to the beach than by plane!

Joy and I taking a "selfie" enroute to Collingwood and Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach from the air (before the sunbather's arrive for the day!)

Toronto Sightseeing and Two Ikarus at Once

(Aug 29th/2015)

This past weekend saw our mighty little C-IKRS heading East again - straight across the big city of Toronto. Which meant a close pass by the famous CN Tower! Definitely an interesting "flyby" - hopefully as many pictures were taken of us as we took of the city. That is one way to "spread the word" - nobody can say this ultralight doesn't fly places!

Downtown Toronto - no traffic up here!

Our true destination for the day was to meet all the great people at the Kingston Ultralight Club for their yearly barbecue. And of course, finally meet up with Zach Elliot of "Ontario Advanced Ultralights" ( who just got back from Florida with his brand new baby - an Ikarus C42 of course! Zach is a paraplegic - which means he flies his Ikarus with hand controls and carries his wheel chair along with him. There is no stopping determined people - especially when they have a great plane to get around in.

2 great looking Ikarus (Kingston, Ont)

Fly-Ins, Demos and Visits
(Aug 4th - Aug 22nd/2015)

We have been out to a number of FlyIns in the past month and have met a lot of new people and a bunch of very interested customers. This includes joining the large crowd at the Edenvale "Gathering of the Classics", giving lots of demo rides at the UPAC Convention, visiting some new friends at various BBQs across Southern Ontario and showing the plane in Waterloo. Everybody that has seen the plane, and especially those that have made it up for a flight, have been thoroughly impressed. The biggest surprises to most people is the amount of room inside the plane and the truly hands-off flying.  

So - those that have seen us and are interested in learning more - please keep in touch! And for those who haven't had the pleasure of a flight yet - drop us a line!

Highlighting the features to the crowds at Edenvale, Ont

Demo flying at the UPAC Convention (Plattsville, Ont)

Big Trip East 

(July 31st - Aug 4th/2015)

We have had C-IKRS for about one month now and this past week we took a long trip with friends to the East Coast. We left early in the morning from our home airport of Brantford, Ontario and met up with two other planes in Kitchener. 

On our way east we stopped in Kitchener, Peterborough, East Hawkesbury (Ottawa area), Drummondville, Riviere du Loup, Fredericton, and Moncton. While we were in the Maritimes, we also flew over to PEI, saw the Confederation Bridge and even visited new friends in Waterville, NS. Coming back we took a more southern route and flew into Edmunston, St. George, Bromont, Cornwall, Kingston, Peterborough and back to Brantford. 

Eastbound we had good tail winds and saw ground speeds of up to 120knots, while Westbound we flew into winds the majority of the way home and had our speed reduced to 60knots or less at times. Major highlights of the trip were flying over Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Moncton; meeting new friends at the club in East Hawkesbury; seeing the Lancaster Bomber in Edmunston, NB; flying over the Atlantic Ocean; seeing the bridge between NB and PEI; observing the world's highest tides in the Bay of Fundy; checking out NB's largest waterfalls in Grand Falls, NB; flying over the longest covered bridge in the world in Hartland, NB; and having an amazing seafood supper in Moncton, NB.

All in all it was a great trip and in a plane that hummed along perfectly the whole way. Everybody that saw it was highly impressed and those that were fortunate to get a demo flight all remarked how much space there was inside and were amazed at how well it handled the high winds - which sure helped it get off the ground in a hurry! The GPS integrated in the Dynon avionics really made the trip easy and allowed us to track our way, make flight plans and find destinations with just a few button pushes and turns of the knobs.  

Over 2000nm and over 20 hours of flying we maintained about 90-100knots of airspeed the whole way and burned just over 15L/hr on average - much better than the Cessna airplanes that we flew with! 

This is definitely an Ultralight that goes places! Come back and check out our next adventure soon!

Ready to leave Brantford, Ont                          Breakfast in Peterborough, Ont

Club of East Hawkesbury, Ont                               Gassed up in Drummondville, Que

                        7500' Over Summerside, PEI                 World's Longest Covered Bridge in Hartland, NB

Lancaster Bomber in Edmunston, NB                               Waiting out the rain in St. George, Que