Ikarus C42 AULA / LSA

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There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings.
            - Wilbur Wright, 1905

It's Time to experience the Sky Above You.

It's Time to view the Scenery Below You.

It's Time to Go Where you Want.

                      It's Time to FLY!

Ikarus C42 AULA on Floats
Floats, skis or wheels - all are available and all are amazing!

Extend the capabilities and extend the good times and places you can go!

Ikarus C42 LSA
Yes - it is an ultralight...
...but don't let that fool you. Add a radio and transponder and play with the big boys. With a 48" wide cockpit and a 600 lb payload, you won't be leaving anything behind!

Steam Gauges, Digital EFIS and EMS, or Both - we can help you design the panel of your desires as well as configure you an airplane to match! Custom or Stock - we can help you decide.

In business since 1977, COMCO is a world leader in Microlight sales and development. Over 2000 aircraft have been sold with their C42 model selling over 1400 alone!

Click here for the: 2016 Price List

Contact us at tony@sportplaneinc.ca or todd@sportplaneinc.ca for more details!

Ikarus Flight Centre
Comco Ikarus Distributor

We are the North American Ikarus Flight Centre and Distributor for the Ikarus C42 Advanced Ultralight/LSA Aircraft. This is Europe's most popular micro-light aircraft (over 1400 sold!) shipped direct from the manufacturer's state-of-the-art plant in Germany (COMCO IKARUS) and assembled and flight tested in Southern Ontario, Canada, or shipped directly to you if you are in the USA. Assembly assistance can be provided.

***Dealerships*** - Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a dealer for the Ikarus brand of aircraft in either Canada or the United States.

If you have always thought about having your own plane but thought you had to win the lottery first - then the  Ikarus C42 is here to change your mind! Sleek, modern, fully-equipped - this is an Ultralight that redefines the term "ultralight". Come check one out, go for a flight and let us show you that these are truly "Ultralights that Go Places!" 

 Models start as low as $85k/CAD for AULA or $63k/US for LSA
25% - 30% lower than anything else in its class!!!

OR maybe even better - 

*** Flying Shares *** - Why not fly in a brand new Ikarus with state of the art instrumentation for $25,000 and let somebody else take care of it? That makes a lot more sense than buying or keeping a 50 year old plane for the same price! No muss, no fuss and all the flying time you could ever use! Contact us for more information.

Click here for the: 2016 Price List

***Partnerships*** - We have a number of people also interested in owning an airplane with a partner. Let us know if you would like to explore this idea further and be added to our list.

Discovery Flights
Let us take you on a memorable flight over your house or low along the beach. Come out early to see the morning mist rise on the fields or stick around until evening to watch a majestic sunset from the air. Anytime is the right time. And even better, surprise someone special with a unique gift of flight! 
                                          Flights starting as low as $50 CAD.

If you have always wanted to fly yourself - now is the time to let that dream take wings! Come see us for an Introductory Flight to get a chance to take control yourself and decide if you are ready for a new adventure.

Airplane Maintenance and Inspection
Canadian Ultralights are owner maintained but we would be glad to help you fix a problem, perform some maintenance or lend a hand with your annual inspections. And if you need a special tool, we can rent you one of those too!

Aviation Products and Spares
We can quickly get parts for our Ikarus aircraft and Rotax engines. 

We are  a distributor for the Dynon line of advanced avionics for non-certified aircraft and can recommend components for a panel that fits both your dreams and your budget.

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