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Ikarus C42
Europe's Most Popular Ultralight
1400 Aircraft Worldwide
An innovative, modern, advanced ultralight aircraft that sets the new standard for fun and affordable flying. Technically mature and highly capable, this two-seater aircraft makes adventurous flying exciting, easy and extremely cost-effective. Highly popular in its home country of Germany, the Ikarus C42 has 45 years of experience designed into it to make it one of the best flying planes in the air. Fitting into Canada's Advanced Ultralight classification allows for first class flying with an easily obtainable license.

Ikarus C42 on a runway
  • Large diameter Aluminum Tube construction
  • Carbon Fibre, Aramid or Glass Fibre body to provide light weight and a solid, rigid structure.
  • Kevlar/Mylar/Polyester UV-Stabilized laminate covered wings to keep costs down and make repairs easy
  • Overall simplicity in the design and construction methods to make maintenance easy and user-friendly
  • Tricycle gear configuration for easier landing and taxing
  • High opening gull-wing doors that reach down to the cabin floor providing exceptional ease of entry
  • 1.22m / 48" wide cabin with wrap-around windows
  • Multiple in-cabin heating and fresh air vents to provide pilot and passenger comfort
  • Separate flaps and ailerons for improved slow-flight control
  • Wind tunnel perfected engine cowling and windscreen angle
  • Light weight design allows for approx. 270kg / 600lb payload
    Ikarus C42 towing a glider
  • Capable of handling a 650kg / 1400lb towing load (i.e. glider or banner towing)
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Electric Trim
Ikarus C42 AULA aircraft flying high
  • Rotax 912,  4-stroke engine performance with low fuel consumption (~15 L/Hr)
  • Includes Electric Starter, Electronic Dual-Ignition, Integrated Reduction Gearbox and Carburetor Pre-heating
  • Integrated oil and water cooling circuits to guarantee ideal engine and cylinder head temperatures
  • Intake air preheating to prevent carburetor icing
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust System
  • Carbon-fibre, ground adjustable 2 or 3 blade propeller
An Ikarus C42 on Floats

  • Optional Electric Flaps
  • Optional Aerodynamic Main Gear Fairings and Wheel Coverings
  • Optional Carbon Fibre Winglets for improved flight characteristics at low speed and towing applications
  • Optional Skis and/or Floats for additional "off-the-beaten-path" adventures
  • Optional Folding Wings for improved storage and transportation
  • Optional ballistic parachute for extra safety
  • Optional full Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) and Engine Monitoring System (EMS)
  • Optional conversion of controls for paraplegic Pilot in Command (PIC)!
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